Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Where we're supposed ... part 2

Why did I go into all that history of how we came to live in Colorado? The story felt as if part of it was missing didn't it?
If you thought so, you'd be right. See, I was visiting my family when Kcbrat applied for the Jeppesen job. We discussed it over the phone and thru text messages. I returned home a few days later, and the following week we flew out to Denver to give the place a dry run so to speak. I'd never been at such an elevation, much less seen Denver before. I fell in love right away with the area.
So, of course it was that much harder to accept when the deal went into Frozen Over Time.
When she applied to Boeing in Seattle, I did not make a trip to check the place out. Nor did I travel to see Rochester NY when she applied to Kodak.

My family lives outside Cincinnati OH, so there was no need for me to check out the area for either Skybus, Delta Air Elite or ABX. It would have been nice to be back in the area where I grew up... But looking at it now, we would have been living in my parents' house while looking for work in a field that is spread pretty thin.

No, in that whole year of job searching, the only place I got to see ahead of time was Denver. We even visited 2 of the larger LYS while we were in town.
When Kcbrat flew out to find our apt, it was a mad dash. She flew out on sat morning, and had to be on a plane back mon to be able to work tues. Sun, after finding the apt she thought I would like as well, that allowed pets, was on the first floor, and had a really nice floorplan, she pulled out of the complex and turned right. She went 3 blocks, and there on the left was a LYS. 3 blocks. Talk about a sign LOL.

After she had been working for Jeppesen about 2 weeks, we learned how lucky she was not to have been hired at Boeing the previous year. See, they didn't hire her because she didn't have enough international exp, something she would quickly build up at Jeppesen. But that's not why we were lucky. Boeing owns Jeppesen. Just after she started working there, Boeing decided to close it's dispatch dept and have Jeppesen do all the dispatching. We would have been just moved to Seattle, when we would have had to pack up and move again. To Denver. To the job that she wanted in the first place.
Sometimes it takes a long trip to end up at the beginning. But sometimes, the beginning is where you're supposed to be.

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